Blue Lines
Massive Attack


Label ︎
Wild Bunch

Description ︎
Debut album from the trip hoppers

Tracks ︎
︎︎︎ Safe From Harm
︎︎︎ One Love
︎︎︎ Blue Lines
︎︎︎ Be Thankful For What You've Got
︎︎︎ Five Man Army
︎︎︎ Unfinished Sympathy
︎︎︎ Daydreaming
︎︎︎ Lately
︎︎︎ Hymn Of The Big Wheel

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Brother started life out as a market stall with one belief. Universal style. One collection, one vision. Not for him, not for her; for everyone. A totally genderless lifestyle brand fusing fashion, music and culture, we were born.

From Netil Market, to Club Brother to online, we’re consistently growing in a good way. We believe in challenging stereotypes, heralding the individual and blurring the lines between music, fashion and subculture.

Brother: A universal brand for universal people.



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