Ewen Spencer in Marseille


Details ︎
︎ 275mm × 210cm
︎ Softcover
︎ 2015

Blurb ︎
Is it a book? is it a magazine? Is it a fanzine? is it a Mook? Who gives a Fook! …. is it simply a publication to communicate Ewen’s latest series of images that engage the styling and behaviour from a variety of European and global youth cultures. Issue 2 of Guapamente considers the combined passions of sportswear, 2 stroke engines and hashish that have possibly contributed to some of the greatest summer holidays experienced . With this in mind Ewen took a late Summer trip to the South of France. Marseille, a European city stood staring out across the Mediterranean. Perhaps at odds with the rest of the nation, most of the kids he met didn’t even know where France was! “Pah…What is this stupid language we’re all speaking anyway?” Alors! 


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