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Amongst all the threads books, magazines and other oddities in store you will find a tight selection of specially selected music in only in vinyl and cassette tape form. A rough and ready mix of tunes available on vinyl from the Brother store. Some tough lovin’ beats and menacing industrial sounds to get your body moving. 


01. Nitzer Ebb - Come Alive
02. Meat Beat Manifesto - Edge of Control
03. Madonna - Erotica (instrumental)
04. Madonna - Justify My Love (Orbit 12” Mix)
05. Pig - The Fountain of Miracles (Anal-Log Mix)
06. DNA - La Serenissima (Extended Original)
07. Revolting Cocks - Crackin’ Up (Amyl Nitrate Mix)
08. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Nervous Xians
09. Front 242 - Never Stop! 1.1
10. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Farout 1
11. Nutzer Ebb - Let Your Body Learn (instrumental)
12. Ministry - Nature Of Love (Cruelty Mix)
13. Front 242 - Tragedy For You (Neurodancer)
14. KMFDM - Naff Off
15. Swans - Love of Life (Long)
16. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Sex On Wheelz (Freak Street Mix)
17. Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You (12” Mix)
18. Hans G - B1
19. Front 242 - Religion (The Prodigy Trance U Down Mix)
20. Cocteau Twins - Violaine


Brother started life out as a market stall with one belief. Universal style. One collection, one vision. Not for him, not for her; for everyone. A totally genderless lifestyle brand fusing fashion, music and culture, we were born.

From Netil Market, to Club Brother to online, we’re consistently growing in a good way. We believe in challenging stereotypes, heralding the individual and blurring the lines between music, fashion and subculture.

Brother: A universal brand for universal people.



Find us:
Top Right Container
Netil Market
13, 23 Westgate St,
Hackney, London
E8 3RL

Opening hours:
Mon - Wens  Closed
Thurs- Fri
10am - 5pm
Sat - Sun
10am - 6pm

24hrs a day via Depop