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It’s often said that you could live in Manhattan all your life, eat at a different restaurant for every single meal, and you still wouldn’t cover all the eateries in the marvellous city. Although we at Brother planned to do a reckie in NYC last year, it never happened so instead we decided we’d better get some recommendations before we head halfway across the world.

The guy who knows best? Adam McAleavey, AKA Macca, the guy also responsible forthe One Glove show on NTS radio. We chatted to him about that, as well as how his love of Hip-Hop influenced him to keep coming back to New York, the city that doesn’t sleep...on really good pizza.

Why pizza and why New York?

I’ve been to New York like 10 times, some people think that’s ridiculous and some people don’t. I’ve probably spent most of my young adult life visiting New York rather than visiting any other city. I sometimes think I could have seen the world, but I decided to go to New York. I was drawn into New York through hip hop, obviously then the sneakers and the streetwear scene, for lack of a better word. It sounds corny as fuck but New York is the birthplace and mecca of that genre, but its more than music and there’s a whole culture behind it and as a kid I was into the music, the graffiti, martha cooper photography. Watching films like Wild Style and Dark Days.

Do you want to tell us a bit about One Glove?

It’s just come about naturally from being lucky enough to have met Charlie Bones and jumping on the radio with him for about 5 years on NTS and eventually realising that if you don’t ask you don’t get, and asking NTS to get me my own show and eventually he did. It felt like a long time coming, I’ve done a year of it now and it’s set to carry on this year. I’ve set up a record label now too, first release out beginning of Feb. It’s just things that I like. I remember doing my first show last January and the producer asked me ‘what’s the general theme’ and I was like ‘I dunno mate, it just depends how I feel when I wake up.’

So why are you doing a pizza list for us?

Over the years people have always said ‘can you send me a list of things to do and places to go’ and over the years that list has gotten bigger and bigger. Then maybe like two years ago a friend was like can you just send me a pizza list – like a pizza tour guide to New York, so here we are. We can do 5 but I wouldn’t mind a bonus one in there too if you don’t mind. So the first one is Lombardis,

1. Lombardi's

- 32 Spring Street, NoLita, Manhattan

"the essential pie"

Claims to be the oldest pizza spot in all of America.  that's the one that you gotta go to as a tourist I reckon. Bit basic bitch but it's decent. Coal-fired oven. BIG pizza's (easily share one y'know). Cash only. Nice(ish) area of Manhattan (I don't think there are many left) that you'll likely be in or close to anyway. OK, it's got plenty of tourists but so has every fucking place in Manhattan at this point. Honestly, I've been here every single time – it’s become a bit of pilgrimage even though I think the pizza has gotten worse every single time.

Do you ever get the pasta?

No. I just always get the pizza. My advice, get the Italian Soda with Raspberry syrup. Then, order a large pizza half n half (half white base - ESSENTIAL - half tomato base) and don't order any more than two toppings.

2. Joe's Pizza -

7, Carmine Street, West Village, Manhattan

"the essential slice"

So here's the thing. Sometimes all you really need is a quick bite innit. And you know the new york slice is the new york thing and I don't think it translates as well anywhere else in the world. What is that place I was gonna talk to you about yesterday that does slices and it’s like £5 a slice?

VooDoo Rays?

Yeah that’s it VooDoo Rays.

Is it like that?

It’s like that but the legit version

Honestly, I rate this spot. It's not overly fussy pizza. Simple. Cheese & Tomato. Pepperoni. Stick some chilli flakes on there. Standing room only. $3 a slice. Cash only. The guys aren't friendly.

When the staff are dicks to you in a restaurant it often means they’re food is really good. They don’t have to be nice.

Exactly. Especially in New York. It's quintessential NYC. Photos of famous fucks all over the walls. It’s even in Spiderman. I can't remember which Spiderman but it’s in Spiderman. It's boss. You can go to the one in Williamsburg too but really, it's all about the original spot.

3. Scarr's Pizza -

22 Orchard Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan

"the trendy skaters slice"

I prefer Joe's pizza but if you're in the area and fancy a slice then it's worth checking out. It’s got a dive bar vibe. When I was in there it was obvious that this was the spot that all the trendy cool kid skaters hang out. And I have to admit it – I was into it. It's like a scene from the film from Larry Clark's "Kids", a little taste of the old 90s vibe. Oh, they also do some banging Subway style deli subs. Apparently they're the best. In fact my guy that went last time off my recommendation said the Caesar Salad was also a vibe.

Sounds good. What’s next?

4. L&B Spumoni Gardens -

2725 86th St, Brooklyn,


Yeah I went on a mission here once. Pizza heads buzz off it. It's basically a deep pan rectangle pizza. Loads of local families go. Proper Mad NY experience. I'll never forget it. Very authentic NYC. Didn't have a clue what I was doing. Go to the window and sit outside NEVER go into the restaurant. Aw man. The place – if you have a look on google now it’s proper ghetto like.

I’m looking now. Ah that marinara looks well cultivated.

There is nothing like this in NY. Just a sick piece of bread and all that marinara sauce and a bit of cheese. Only a few stops from Coney Island. There are no tourists here.

Which is a good thing. Apart from you.

Apart from me. I’m just gentrifying the globe so it’s sound. One city at a time.

5. Di Fara -

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn

"The one people travel for."

This is quite deep into Brooklyn. It's a bit mad like but it was totally worth it. Definitely one of the best slices of pizza I've ever had. Boss NYC experience.

Are they actually Italians? How far back italian are these people though?

It’s hard to say really. It’s definitely a family run thing.

They are probably second generation italian around now. Maybe 3rd generation.

But they’ve been there for like ever and they are on the corner. Again it’s very much like go in you get it, you get the fuck out. Don’t hang about. It’s an amazing NYC experience. But equally, Joe's can give you what you need. Probably something to do when you've been 10 times. Yep.

And this is the ***BONUS*** one that I would love you to include.

Owp. We’re breaking our 5 with rule here but seeing as it’s for pizza...

Arthur Avenue Retail Market, The Bronx

"the ultimate wildcard"

OK so this isn't even a pizza recommendation. Basically, this is THE REAL Little Italy of NYC. I genuinely believe it's worth every second of the 45-60min journey north to deep Bronx territory to witness Arthur Avenue and the surrounding area. It's fully like the Sopranos. OFF IT'S TITS ITALIAN. The market is boss, you can use a better word than boss but that’s just my word for everything, the food is boss, the Canolis are boss. If you have time, you should go. It's also PERFECT for photo opportunities. Since last year this has become my number 1 recommendation for people to do in New York. And the thing is, not everyone will be arsed to do it cos you gotta go way out to see it (only one of my people so far have done it and they were like "Macca laaa, that was some life affirming shit". It's absolutely worth it.

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