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The Brother Autumn/Winter collection is finally here, and with it we’re introducing a whole new format. The collection is a combination of pyjamas, leather trousers and statement trench coats. It’s cool but casual. In the house or out till the early mornings, but most importantly it’s to be worn by everyone.

At Brother, we don’t really believe in the traditional ‘model’. we prefer to use real people with real stories to tell. Welcome to Model Stories; an interview series with the people we’ve persuaded to be clothes horses for us. For episode one, we’re getting cosy with Clotilde, a journalist and bedroom DJ who likes to borrow from her dad's wardrobe and the surf in Biarritz.


Hey Clotilde! How did Brother find you?

We met at Netil Radio at a meeting regarding The Breakfast Show. Then I saw the shop. I really liked it because the clothes are the kind of clothes I can wear in my everyday life, completely my style. All my friends always tell me that I should dress more like a girl but I feel like I don’t want to. I like to wear clothes that are unisex or just random and not atatched to any gender. That’s the style I’m more comfortable in. I don’t feel comfortable in dresses, little shoes or heels or anything. I like large pants, large t-shirts. For winter I like big sweaters, big jackets. Even though I like being feminie, I’m going to try to be feminine in my own way by wearing non-gendered clothes but with jewellery or make-up for a bit of contrast. I dress a lot with my Father’s clothes as well, more than my Mother’s. 

“Gendering clothes just reinforces stereotypes.  It should not be about how feminine or masculine do we look but more about how we want to feel in our clothes today.”

Clotilde wears: CP CLothing Jacket, Orange Bucket Hat, Timblerland Tan Trousers

Where do you spend your time in London when you are here?

Mainly in Hackney, Hackney Wick. I work there as a bar-tender at Number 90. I also work at the coffee shop just around the corner. I go to Dalston a lot, The Haggerston Pub, Stoke Newington, I live in Bethnal Green so around that area as well. I really like Ridley Road Market and there is a CDB Coffee Shop on that street that is really nice and it’s like an art studio for artists, Ridley Road Social Club. I would go to Phonica Records in Central for mainly Minimal and House. I’m a bedroom DJ. Cosmo Records is a Moroccon Minimal label but they also release local Moroccon vocalist and instrumentalists. Classroom by Traumer is another favourite track.

Where do you like to shop?

Mainly vintage fairs/fleas. There are some in Peckham or around Hackney.

Anywhere you like to eat?

I like the Korean barbeques in central.

Clotilde wears: Hugo Boss Quarter Zip Jumper, YMC Spriped Jeans

Give us your life story in a paragraph

I work in Journalism, mainly music, electronic music. So I’ve been working mainly for print magazines, web magazines or radio stations. Most recently I worked from Trommel, Rinse and Dure Vie, which means ‘hard life’ in French. I like to do photography in my free time, mainly in the Summer because I prefer Summer colours than Winter colours. I do Boxing, I surf during summer. Biarritz. I have a best friend who lives there so I go there whenever I can. I Box at KO Boxing in Bethnal Green.

I’m working at the moment on a documentary about Minimal music in Morocco. That’s my main project at the moment but we’re just trying to find money to finance everything. I’m already in touch with the artists over these so hopefully once Covid is over we’ll be able to do it. I’m interested in the local people there who are trying to democratise the music there but it’s really hard because it’s very anti-cultural for the Moroccan culture so that’s why I became interested. Also because Cosmo Records is one of my favourite labels.

Clotilde Wears: Missoni Stripe co-ord pyjama set

Any hopes for the future?

I hope things will be less crazy and we can all kiss and hug again.

If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jogging pants I think! Or shorts, depends on the weather. Denim shorts. Shorts in the summer, joggers in the winter. If I can only pick one, a swimsuit then!

Clotilde wears: Telemac Cream Trench Coat

Describe your style

Vintage, non-gendered, hip-hop, disorganised.

How do you feel about London as a place for creative output?

I think it's a great place because it’s so huge and so many people it’s like a melting pot. Ideas are always fusing, everything’s moving, something’s always happening. You meet people easily, lots of creative people so there’s always something creative around the corner.

What's your thoughts on inclusivity in fashion?

There's not much inclusivity in fast fashion or big brands. In every shop there’s a girls part and a boys part. Some shops have a ‘one size only’ but it's only for if you are really skinny. We are really far from all inclusive fashion. In the mainstream. If you look around you can find non-binary, more inclusive stuff but even vintage shops are a bit mainstream. There should be more non-binary fashion because its a message to give to people. When you’re a child and everything is about being a boy or a girl, it puts ideas in your mind that we should separate and I think we should be way more mixed up.

In my opinion, gendering clothes just reinforces stereotypes we can have on being a man or a woman. It should not be about how feminine or masculine do we look but more about how we want to feel in our clothes today. In winter, I borrow as much from my father's closet than my sister's one. It is not about gender, more style and comfort.

Clotilde wears: Allegri Suede Style Jacket, Sportmax Tan Trousers

And finally...

One place to eat : Tonkotsu Mare Street
A track
A vintage shop : ARCH 389 / Vintage Mix
A book shop : church street bookshop
A place : photographer's gallery
A coffee : ridley road social club (cbd coffee place)
A pub : scolt head

Like what Clotilde is rocking? Get your hands on the AW drop now. Styled by Brother, for every body.

Clotilde wears: Hilfiger striped overshirt, Timberland cropped trousers, adidas hat

Clotilde wears: Versace Couture leather jeans, Sunspel sleeveless tee

Clotilde wears: Mulberry Brown Corduroy Jacket

Clotilde wears: Polo Sport reversible jacket, Polo Jeans Messenger bag, Armani White Jeans. 

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Brother started life out as a market stall with one belief. Universal style. One collection, one vision. Not for him, not for her; for everyone. A totally genderless lifestyle brand fusing fashion, music and culture, we were born.

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