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In October, 2016, the infamous Ibiza club SPACE, a haven for ravers, misfits and sun chasers alike, shut its doors for the last time, leaving its many fans upset, yet satisfied, and those who never got to go distraught at the lack of it. The club was a revolution in itself, and we’re honoring it’s memory by watching 27 years of Space, a documentary by tv2beat released by the club on their YouTube channel around the same time as it closed.

Space Ibiza, 1992
The documentary is a celebration of all that was spaced. With recaps from resident DJ Carl Cox on parties on the terrace to the owner Pepe Rosello discussing why opening the doors from sunrise to sunrise made the club so successful, each interview is thick with nostalgia and happy memories of what was. Of course, it wasn't sunshine and rainbows, let’s stroll along the balearic sea, either. The club itself is incredibly famous, some would even say infamous for what could happen there. Carl Cox has even said previously it is a place where anything goes;

“If you wanted to have sex in the middle of the club, you could. No one cared”.

One of the things that set it apart from any other club on the strip was the time and length of the parties. Whilst most clubs wouldn’t even think of serving liquor while the sun was in the sky, Space was a few steps, or should we say hours, ahead. In the documentary (which can be watched on YouTube for free) ecstatic partygoers, residents and fans of the club describe the planes going over the terrace on their flight path as one of the best parts. People would point at the sky, in shock and awe that away from this world there was a whole other one just beyond.

These crazy opening hours is indeed the reason we are so familiar with Space and what it did for the party culture during the years it was open. Those who were able to experience it at its height feel sentimental for its ways, whereas those who are just learning about the club and its impact are most likely devastated they’ll never get to experience it first hand. But there is always something new on the horizon, another party to go to and another club to open. In the meantime, we really recommend watching this. It will make you feel like you were there. Kinda.

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