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For this month’s 5 WITH.. we are meeting G and Nat, founders of neoss, inNEOSS and best friends! Nat studied Fashion Contour at LCF and G studied bookarts at LCC. When they met they combined their talents to form a creative haven, going on to dabble in a few different fashion pathways from design work to buying and ending up with InNEOSS. We asked them a few questions about their brand and of course, their top five sustainable fashion brands.

Hi guys, first off, how did InNEOSS start? 

To cut a long story short it started inconveniently when we were both in different cities and studying at uni and we had both made bags from neoprene without knowing what the other was up to! We decided they were the coolest thing and that we were onto something. Neoss was born from a desire to have minimal practical and unisex bags that worked for all seasons and went with your whole wardrobe. After our foray into the bag world we decided to open up into clothing and swimwear. We struggled to get exposure for our brand and we found the best way to do this was to take things into our own hands. We were a tiny fish in a huge pond so we thought we would do a series of pop ups to promote our brand and others like us. Quite naturally this evolved into running our own permanent shop where we stock our own brand but also many other small brands like us.

Fans of the brand can find your anti-waste bag at BROTHER. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

We wanted to bring out a new bag that was accessible in price point but also sustainable. We had many offcuts from our backpacks and swim collection and instead of releasing something new with new fabric we thought we would create something with the remnants we had in our studio, hence the 'anti waste' cross body bag. It's adjustable and can be worn across the body or around the waist and it's a perfect size for your essentials.

Being an independent is now tougher than ever during a pandemic. How have you gotten on and what plans do you have for the future? 

We had to close our shop for three months but we were able to continue online which was a massive help. Inevitably it's going to get very tough in the months ahead but we've also noticed a shift in people's attitudes in the way they shop; they are more geared towards supporting local shops so hopefully that continues! Perhaps this pandemic has started to bring about the change that has been so necessary for so long.

Without further ado, can you share with us your five sustainable fashion picks and why you chose them?

01. Bug Clothing

Bug founded by the lovely Amy is our go to for summer garments! She creates beautiful linen pieces made from designer deadstock and on a very small scale and made in the UK. They're perfect for dressing up or dressing down, they'll be staple pieces you cherish forever.

02. Laura Von Behr vintage

We have a small edit of Laura's vintage in store but she has the most incredible studio full of beautiful gems, it's appointment only so to see her treasures get on and book!

03. Re Jean denim

Siobhan makes all her garments in Glasgow from reclaimed fabrics, they are seasonless and gender neutral. The jackets are the most labour intensive item we stock in the shop, you can feel very good about buying from this zero waste brand!

04. Elliss

Elliss creates playful printed garments. She uses soft, natural and recycled fabrics and works with ethical manufacturers to create pieces in small quantities so you are buying something very special!

05. Unurth

Hanna hand dyes all of her silk dresses using food waste and vegetable dyes, to create one of a kind garments. The dresses are made in the UK and are such a beautiful fit!

Be sure to check out InNEOSS’s Anti-waste Bag in the BROTHER store in Netil Market, and  head to their site for all other sustainable fashion needs! 

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