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Greetings, Brother here, and welcome to the all-new Brother World, online. We know it’s a tough time. Covid-19 has happened, is happening, will continue to happen, and there’s not much we can do but wash our hands, stay alert and wait it out. But that doesn’t mean we’ve not been keeping busy. Our shop on Netil Market has just re-opened and as much as we would love to see all your faces again we also undertsand that not everyone is quie there yet. Fortunately for us, it’s 2020 and we have every tool accessible to us to be able to adapt to this new normal. We’re all inside, looking for something to do, read, look at and maybe even buy, so we’ve been busy working hard to open Brother Online.

Us a day before the shop opened, 2019
It’s no secret, we prefer real-life experiences. That’s why we started Brother with an old-school approach and an emphasis on being present and personable, rather than just an online icon. We had the zine, then we progressed into a market stall, then graduated to a shop. However, it’s now time for us to branch out into online; the website. The new digital offering will be the same Brother you know and love, just an extension of it. We’ve got all our items you love to see in our storefront online, and we’ll also be posting articles, focusing on the people behind the products, the subcultures that created the fashion we love as well as monthly Brother Mixes to soundtrack your mood.

Brother started out life as a collection of clothes, a desire to abandon traditional gender dress codes.

In case you’ve forgotten who we are in all this chaos, Brother started out life as a collection of clothes, a desire to abandon traditional gender dress codes, and a love of the combination of 80’s clubwear and 90’s casual wear and 00s streetwear. We curated and edited the growing list of items into a friendly market stall, a hub for one size fit all attitude to styling and an ideal where girls and boys, people; could dress harmoniously in whatever they wanted, however, they wanted. That’s not just the ethos behind the store and the website, but who we are as Brother. It bleeds into all of what we do, whether that’s Brother events, our radio show, our mixes and every relationship we form with our collaborators, vendors, and the people who wear our clothes.

So this is the website. On the shop, you can find all of your favourite pieces, including carefully curated streetwear and specially made sustainable clothing from brands we partner with. We also have a wide selection of books and objects for your home that aim to transform your living space into a sleek post modern paradise.

Coming up on the journal you’ll be able to read about the people behind the products. We’ll be chatting to Molly Macindoe, the eye behind the photographs in the photo book extrodinaire about the free party scene – Out Of Order, and giving you an insight into the subcultures that inspire us. We’re also going to be reaching out to the wider Brother community and getting their top 5 things to consume in isolation or at anytime really, which will help with the increasing boredom. 

So welcome to our world, sit back, relax and we’ll see you for a rave-up at a Brother get together when this all blows over.


Brother started life out as a market stall with one belief. Universal style. One collection, one vision. Not for him, not for her; for everyone. A totally genderless lifestyle brand fusing fashion, music and culture, we were born.

From Netil Market, to Club Brother to online, we’re consistently growing in a good way. We believe in challenging stereotypes, heralding the individual and blurring the lines between music, fashion and subculture.

Brother: A universal brand for universal people.



Find us:
Top Right Container
Netil Market
13, 23 Westgate St,
Hackney, London
E8 3RL

Opening hours:
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Sat - Sun
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